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What are Smart Tags and how to enable them in your mention stream?
What are Smart Tags and how to enable them in your mention stream?

How to enable Smart Tags in your mention stream and how to exclude irrelevant data from your topic?

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Smart Tags learn from the data in your monitoring topic and your tagging patterns. These tags automatically can:

  • identify irrelevant mentions;

  • tag mentions.

🤔YouScan users confirm that smart tags reduce their manual tagging time by 20-50%.

How Smart Tags work

You don't need to manually set conditions for smart tags. The most important thing is to have data in a topic the algorithm can use for training. YouScan analyzes your work processes (tags, deleted mentions) and eventually learns to tag new mentions as you would tag them manually. The system collects all the new processes for 5 days and then starts to automatically apply them to the mentions,

How irrelevant mentions are identified

The algorithm uses examples of relevant and irrelevant mentions from the following two folders to help with identification:

  • Bin folder - examples of irrelevant mentions;

  • Processed folder - examples of relevant mentions.

☝️ Each folder should contain at least 1000 mentions. This is usually enough for the algorithm to learn to identify irrelevant information.

New irrelevant mentions will receive a special tag (you can name the tag however you like - for example, "remove.") All you need to do is simply delete them manually from your mention stream.

How mentions are tagged

In order for the system to learn auto tagging according to the same parameters as a user would, it needs:

  • examples of mentions with a specific tag;

  • examples of mentions without this tag.

Examples are drawn from the Processed folder.

☝️ Let's demonstrate with an example. You may want to tag mentions in your coffee shop topic with "plant-based milk." In order to use smart tags, your Processed folder should contain:

  • at least 1000 mentions tagged "plant-based milk";

  • at least 1000 mentions without the "plant-based milk" tag.

With sufficient training data, YouScan will be able to automatically tag mentions as you want them tagged.

What smart tags look like

Mentions are tagged within the hour they are collected into the monitoring topic.

You can name these tags in advance - for example, to add a special prefix (smarttag) to differentiate between smart tags and manual tags.

Enabling smart tags

Smart tags are available as an add-on for a fee. To enable them, email us at or send a chat message.

What's the difference between smart tags and rules?

Tagging using the Rules function works best when you have a very clear idea of the criteria you want to use to tag or delete mentions. For example, you might want to tag all replies to users from the official brand account with "our reply."

Smart tags work best when you need a more flexible approach. They train on your existing data and adapt to your tagging practices.

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