YouScan users often need to exclude posts published by their own official accounts from the mention stream, or remove posts from specific authors or social media groups in order to see the most relevant posts. This is when the "Exclude" function comes in handy!

Excluding a source

To exclude mentions from a specific source, such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, click on the domain name in the mention and select "Exclude."

And voila! All previously collected mentions from this source will now be placed in the Bin, and no new ones will be collected.

Excluding an author

Excluding an author can help prevent getting spammed by posts from the same author, or when you need to remove posts from your own brand's official channels.

To exclude an author, click on their username in the mention window and select "Exclude." No new mentions from this author will be collected, and any previously collected ones will be placed in the Bin.

Excluding a publication place

Publication places can include a social media group, community or interest page.

☝️ When you exclude a community, you will remove all mentions from a specific page or group regardless of the author. For example, if you want to exclude all mentions from your official brand page regardless of who posted them, you are excluding an entire publication place (your brand page). But if you want to exclude only the mentions that were posted by your brand page admins, you can exclude the page name as an author (see step above).

In order to exclude a community, click on its name in the mention and select "Exclude."

Any previously collected mentions will be placed in the Bin, and no new ones will be collected.

Restoring excluded authors, publication places and sources

To restore any of the excluded items, go to the topic SettingsExcluded, select the necessary tab from Authors, Publication places or Sources, find the item and click "Restore."

NB: After restoring an item, YouScan will begin collecting new mentions from the restored author, publication place or source. If you want to collect mentions retrospectively, launch History collection in the topic Settings.

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