Navigate to the Links dashboard from the left-hand menu.

Metrics in Links

The Links dashboard displays the top URLs and domain names shared by users in your topic.

You will see:

  • The link or host name, depending on which tab you choose;
  • Total engagement;
  • Number of mentions;
  • Mention sentiment: blue for neutral, green for positive and red for negative sentiment.

☝ This dashboard can help you track how a specific link is shared on social media. By clicking on the link, you will see all mentions that shared this URL.

Sorting links

By mentions

You will see the top links by the number of mentions by default. This allows you to view URLs that are frequently mentioned in posts related to your monitoring subject. To view the hosts (domain names), click on the appropriate tab. This will show you which online platforms often host discussions of your topic.

By engagement

Sorting links by engagement allows you to see links that resonated with your audience the most. Posts containing these links received the most likes, comments and shares.

You can also view the list of top hosts by engagement.

💡 You can use any YouScan filter to see what kind of links specific user demographics share in your topic.

For example, if you set out to find opinion posts written by men on all social platforms except YouTube (WOM auto-category). The Links dashboard will show you the URLs shared by this group of users.

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