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Explore is a collection of shortcuts that will help you quickly find valuable insights from the mentions in your topics. Each of Explore tabs contains pre-set filters that take you to the exact segment of the mentions you are looking for.

Engaging content

Hot discussions

This tab will take you to the mention stream with the mentions sorted by a number of comments.

Top reviews

This one contains a preset Reviews filter and will help you select the reviews sorted by engagement from all the mentions in the stream.

Influential authors

This shortcut will take you to Audience Insights → Authors section. You will see the list of the authors with at least 1,000 subscribers, the list will be sorted by engagement. This allows you to find authors whose posts resonate the most with your audience (by receiving the highest number of likes, shares, and comments). Sometimes the author with fewer followers but highly engaging posts can be better for collaborations.

Click on each author in the list to read all the posts they published in the mention stream or to exclude them from the topic.

💡 Learn more about the Authors dashboard in Audience Insights section

Engaging visuals

Once you click on Engaging visuals you will be taken to Visual Insights → Engagement section.

Here, Distribution by engagement chart will help you understand the engagement for the activities, logos, objects, scenes, and persons in the images that the system collected to your topic.

You can also check all the images by clicking on View all.

💡 Learn more about Visual Insights possibilities.

Trending TikToks

The name of this shortcut says it all :) It will take you to Visual Insights → Gallery section and will show you all the posts we collected to your topic from TikTok

Selfies with your brand

Yet another possibility brought to you by Visual Insights section.

This shortcut will use two types of filters to select the necessary content: Selfies and Text/Logo recognition. Don't forget to turn on text recognition when creating the topic or in the topic settings!
☝️ Text recognition and Logo recognition are parts of Visual Data Analysis add-on, that is included to Innovate pricing plan and can be purchased separately for Listen and Analyse subscribers. Contact your manager or our support team at support@youscan.io to learn more

Brand health tracking

Find growing crisises

This shortcut will help you monitor the negative discussions around your monitoring object.

This particular shortcut will take you to the Analytics section with a negative sentiment filter applied. You will be able to check the distribution of negative mentions over time, check some overall statistics (total mentions, engagement, NSR, etc), and evaluate the location of such mentions.

Negative press

If there's a risk of receiving negative attention from the press you will be able to track suck mentions quickly.

Negative press shortcut will select mentions from blogs or news sources with negative sentiment.

Where discussions happen

This shortcut will take you to Analytics section with the statistics on the sources.

The charts will demonstrate the overview of mentions distribution among the top sources, sources distribution, sentiment by source, etc. This will help you understand which source produces the most negative mentions and target them.

Consumers complaints

This shortcut takes you directly to Word Cloud.

First, the system will find all the opinions, complaints, and recommendations with negative sentiment in your topic. Then, in Word cloud, you will be able to see the most repeated words from such comments. The bigger the word appears in Word cloud, the more repetitive it is.

💡 Click on any particular word to see all the negative comments with it.

Consumer insights


This shortcut is set to show you Demographics section from our Audience Insights.

Here you will see general data on the number of the authors, their gender, or geographical distribution. You can use this audience data in many ways - for example, to create customer personas.

Audience interests

Click on Audience interests and you will land at Interests section in Audience Insights.

This chart will help you understand, for example, which movies or food are your audience’s favorites.

Strengths and weaknesses

This shortcut relies on a powerful technology within YouScan - aspects. They show you which parts of your monitoring objects get the most praise, and which are criticized often.

Moments of consumption

This shortcut helps you reveal how your brand's products are handled by people in their everyday lives.

You can see who appears in photos that mention your brand and what they are doing in these photos, and analyze any emerging trend with a single mouse click.

💡 After seeing the mentions any Explore tab brought you to, you might want to dig deeper into the information they carry. Don't hesitate to apply more filters from Filters section, this works in both mentions stream and analytics section.

💡 If some of the tabs in Explore section appear grey, the feature they represent is not available in your pricing plan but you can purchase it as an add-on. You can always contact your manager or support team at support@youscan.io to learn more.

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