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YouScan advanced capabilities

Custom Dashboard, Audience Insights, Visual Insights and more ...

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We'd like to tell you about top-level features that will help you get more value from monitoring by using a more comprehensive range of features that better fit your needs.

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Advanced Custom Dashboards

An Advanced Custom Dashboard helps you create a unique report with the set of graphs and metrics you need for measuring your social media performance.

You get to decide what you put there and support statistics with examples of mentions or images.

One of the main perks is that you can control and customize dashboards to meet your needs.

What can you use Custom Dashboard for?

The Custom Dashboards aim to save your time and just with a few clicks show you the information areas that require your attention, meaning staying up to date all the time and quickly making successful decisions.

Below we listed the most common use cases for Custom Dashboards.

  1. Key metrics regular monitoring. Most of our clients need to track specific data regularly. Custom dashboards are designed to get instant access to the data segments that require regular monitoring in one place.

  2. Comprehensive reporting. Executives or other stakeholders can see the whole picture in one place without setting any filters manually. You can gather key metrics that are usually placed in different tabs within our system on a single dashboard. Anytime you open the dashboard, the widget layout and filters remain the same, and you can always see the current metrics. Also, the dashboard can be shared via a link, allowing non-YouScan users to access it.

    ☝️In addition, you can add your logo into the report.

  3. Simple campaign analysis. If you have several running campaigns, it might be tricky to track their performance simultaneously. Now, you can create a separate dashboard for each of them. Or vice versa, place widgets with the same metrics next to each other to analyze which campaign brings better results. Another use case is placing widgets of "Crafting widgets for all campaign cycles, like before/during and after the campaign.

  4. Easy competitor analysis. Since you can create widgets containing data from different topics, you can use that to craft an easy-to-use visualization to analyze your competitor's performance. Now you don't need to switch between different topics. Instead, place several widgets alongside and see the difference between your brands on one screen.

How will Custom Dashboards benefit you?

  1. Save Time with Automation. Time efficiency is probably one of the most important benefits of Custom Dashboards. Instead of gathering data, preparing and crunching the numbers in Excel, and then having to create the report, for example, in PowerPoint, you could use a tool that does all of that for you. After the initial setup, your reporting process can be entirely streamlined and automated. Since all data feeds into the report/dashboard are live, any incoming, additional requests can be done quickly by simply making changes to the existing report.

  2. Create Custom Visualizations. Building your own visualizations allows you to easily interpret your data and make informed decisions. Controller elements like the date range allow you to jump between different time periods. Filters and hover-over effects make your reports interactive and insightful.

  3. Individual Dashboards for each department of your company. Another reason customized reporting is a valuable feature for many organizations is that not everyone defines success in the same way. Every company, and even every department, has individualized goals and strategies to meet them.
    Therefore, you can create separate Dashboards for each team.
    YouScan has no limit on the number of users. So create dashboards for PR, Marketing, Support, and for TOP-management, etc.

How to create Custom Dashboards?

We prepared a short (4:56 min) video for you:

Also, you can use this article with an explanation of how to set up Custom Dashboards.

In a world where we are surrounded by mountains of digital data, analytics reports exist to condense everything into a digestible format. Generally, such advanced reports break down the statistics, analyze trends and offer insights valuable to your business and improvement of your ROI. Many tools provide pre-configured reports to work out of the box, but the ability to customize and build your own reports is what will set you apart from the rest. We can assist you in finding your way through.


f you are already a YouScan customer, one Custom Dashboard is available to you. You can set it up here.

If you would like to create more than one Custom Dashboard, please contact us for an opportunity to get a trial.

If you need help setting up the Custom Dashboard for your tasks, please contact us, and we will do it together.

Audience Insights

Before you begin any kind of marketing or advertising campaign for your brand, it’s essential to identify the audience that you are targeting. Knowing what your ideal customer looks like - such as what they like to do, where they’re from, what they value, and what they spend money on - will help you understand the best way to speak to them and solve their problems.

YouScan Audience Insights include:

  • Demographics

  • Interests

  • Occupations

  • Authors

How can Audience Insights help you?

  1. Targeting. Knowing your audience can help you target the right group of people. Once you broadly know what you want to offer, an audience analysis tool will help you determine who could be interested in your products. That will allow you to refine your social listening strategy for that specific target audience. You will then have all the ingredients to attract the right consumers to your brand.

  2. Promote your product. It is well-known that advertising can be very expensive. For this reason, marketers can’t afford to launch a campaign that might be unsuccessful. With audience analysis, you have access to the interests of your potential customers. You can then promote your product with content that resonates.

  3. Reach out to your customers. Nowadays, you need to be active on social networks and mainstream media to have an impact and raise your brand awareness. One of the benefits of audience analysis is its ability to understand the media consumed by your target audience. You can then learn what social network they use most, which magazines they like to read, which type of media they prefer, and more. By adapting to their preferences, you have a greater chance of engaging your target audience.

  4. Attract new customers. Audience analysis doesn’t have to be about your own audience. You can decide to gather insights about your competitor’s audience too. This will allow you to understand the difference between your customers and your competitor’s customers. You will then be able to adjust your offering, create content, and advertise to your competitor’s customers. In the end, this will help you develop and grow your business and ultimately gain market share.

What benefits will you get with Audience Insights?

  1. Time savings. Audience analysis tools are time-savers. Traditional market research can take months or even years to complete. After identifying your problem/opportunity, the process usually involves developing a research plan, collecting data, analyzing this data, and so on. Audience analysis tools eliminate these lengthy steps, giving you direct access to actionable insights.

  2. Cost-efficient. In addition to being time-consuming, traditional market research can become very expensive in no time. Whether you’re interviewing people or running experiments, the budget will always be high if you want accurate results. However, the benefit of audience analysis is that you obtain precise information at a lower cost. Since the technology is fully-automated, there is no wait time or effort to collect data, therefore the costs are lower than traditional methods.

  3. Complete data. Audience analysis empowers you with quality data that you can’t get from other sources. The traditional market research methods will only gather information when a person is asked for that specific information (for example, through a survey). The probability that the information will be biased or not entirely correct is very high. Additionally, people might not be willing to share as much as they do on social media sites. On the flip side, audience analysis empowers you with large amounts of quality data and real-time data. Take Facebook for example. Facebook has insight into interactions with the platform, location information, activity on partner sites, and more. This 360-degree view of your target audience is critical.

  4. Confident decision-making. The benefits of audience analysis are numerous. Audience Insights provides you with crucial data that will power confident decision-making for your business. It is one of the fastest and most accurate methods for conducting market research. And when done right, it will greatly enhance your planning and overall strategy.

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