How to set up alerts in Telegram

Receive notifications with examples of mentions of your brand in Telegram

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Telegram is a popular free messenger with over 200 million active users worldwide. You can send mentions from YouScan monitoring topics directly to Telegram chats either automatically or manually.

Follow these steps to connect Telegram to YouScan:

⚠️ Telegram's macOS app doesn't support integrations.

Use the web version: or the cross-platform app: instead.

If your IP blocks access to specific resources, try using a VPN. Some browsers like Opera offer a built-in VPN client.

How to send your YouScan topic data to Telegram

Step 1: Navigate to topic Settings and select Integrations from the right-hand menu;

Step 2: Click "Add' next to the Telegram integration;

Step 3: Then choose if you want to receive mentions as private messages or in a Telegram group chat.

How to receive brand mentions as private messages in Telegram

You can receive YouScan mentions as private messages from the YS bot, which means only you can see them. Select the "Connect via direct messages" option.

Allow to open Telegram.

You will be taken to the Telegram screen. Press "Start."

🎉 Congratulations! Your private messages integration is ready!

How to receive brand mentions in a Telegram group chat

You can also add the YS bot to a work group chat to receive YouScan mentions together. To set this up, select the "Enable group chat" option.

NB: To receive mentions this way, the group must be created in advance, before setting up the integration. Learn how to do this in the official Telegram FAQ.

Allow to open Telegram.

You will be taken to the Telegram screen to select the group chat you want to connect. You have to be a group admin to invite the YS bot into the group chat.

All done! Now the YS bot can send relevant brand mentions to your group chat.

Now all that's left to do is set up a rule to receive messages in Telegram and add your colleagues to the group.

What if I don't see the bot in the chat or the Telegram page?

If you are not taken to the Telegram screen after selecting the "Enable private messages" or "Enable group chat" option, or you don't see the bot in your Telegram app, check your VPN connection.

You can also try adding the bot through the mobile app:

1. Copy the link created when you add the integration;

2. Send this link to your Favorites in Telegram;

3. Click the link in your mobile Telegram app and select "Start."

How to automatically send mentions to Telegram

You can use Rules to create conditional statements in order to automatically send mentions to Telegram. For example: You can set this up to send all mentions of a specific product to the team responsible for its promotion.

To create a new rule, open the relevant mention stream and set up all your filters to receive the relevant mentions. Next, select all mentions and click "Create rule with this filter."

It is also possible to get all the new mentions to Telegram messenger. Just select all mentions without applied filters and hit yellow magic wand to create a rule.

How to manually send mentions to Telegram

You can also send individual mentions to Telegram manually. To do so, click on the "Share" button on the mention and select the desired integration.

This is what the mention will look like in Telegram:

Good luck with the set-up!

We'd be happy to help with any integration work you need, just drop us a line in the chat! :)

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