To avoid missing visual mentions of your brand, use the "Text recognition for images" function. 

How to enable Text Recognition 

☝️Text recognition is available to subscribers of the Pro plan and up

To set up a new topic with text recognition:

  1. Create a new topic by following these instructions.

  2. At the Text Recognition step, set up a search query for monitoring images for the relevant text; then, select Create Topic.
    You can use any logical operators.

To set up text recognition in an existing topic:

  1. Navigate to the topic Settings.

  2. In the Text Recognition field under the General tab, set up your new search query and click 'Apply'.
    You can use any logical operators.

💡To get the most complete and accurate monitoring results, use simple and concise search queries. For example, you can list your brand and products names in using the OR operator:
Amazon OR Kindle

How it works

After the set-up process, YouScan starts crawling the images that match your query. New images will be automatically added to your topic stream as other text mentions that contain your selected keywords. ☝️ Images that have been posted to social media before you set up your new search query will not be collected. The earlier you enable text recognition for images, the better. 

To view specific text that was identified in an image:

  1. Click on the image in your mention stream to enlarge it. 

  2. Hover your mouse over the highlighted section around the text identifier. 

What's the difference between the Text Recognition and Logo Recognition (Visual Insights) functions?

  1. Logo Recognition is one of Visual Insights' analytical functions. In addition to collecting mentions that contain the brand's logo, this function also includes filters and analytics reports on logos, scenes and objects. Read more about it here.

  2. Text Recognition is best at identifying and monitoring clearly labeled text branding. For all other cases, Logo Recognition would work best. 

  3. Text Recognition can be used to search for photos of certain publications, like magazines and newspapers, by headline text.   

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