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How to use the "Content type" filter
How to use the "Content type" filter

Filtering mentions by content type: text, image, video, link, poll

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How it works

Filtering by "Content type" allows you to find mentions with a specific type of content. For example, if you want to analyze all visual content in the topic, choose only the posts that contain images and video.

Using this filter, you can work with the following types of content:

  • Text;

  • Image;

  • Video;

  • Stickers;

  • Link;

  • Poll.

☝️ One mention can fall into several categories simultaneously — for example, if it contains both text and an image.

Using the "Content type" filter

1. Click "Choose";

2. In the General tab under Content Type, choose one or several types of content you'd like to work with or exclude the ones you don't need.

💡 You can set up rules for mentions filtered by content type. For example, YouScan can automatically delete all mentions that contain links.

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