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How to use the "Collection method" filter
How to use the "Collection method" filter

Finding posts collected by text on image, logo or from channels

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How it works

The "Collection method" filter groups your posts by how they were added to your mention stream. For example, if you want to analyze all mentions from your official pages included as "channels" in your topic, you can filter by the "channel" collection method.

This filter differentiates between the following collection methods:

  • Text — mentions that contain keywords specified in the topic search query.

  • Text recognition — visual mentions that contain text that matches the topic search query. Find out more about setting up recognition of text on images.

  • Logo recognition — mentions that were collected through the logo recognition function.

  • Image recognition — visual mentions that were collected because of the relevant objects, scenes, or actions they contain.

  • Channel — mentions from channels added to the topic.

  • Manually added — mentions that were added to the topic manually by an authorized user.

Using the "Collection method" filter

1. Go to "Choose";

2. In the General tab, look under "Collection method" and select the type of mentions you'd like to see. This also allows you to exclude certain mentions.

💡 You can set up a rule for mentions filtered by the collection method. For example, you might want to assign a special tag to mentions that were collected through text recognition in images.

To find out how a specific post was collected, open the mention.

The expanded version of the post will appear. Here, you can see how the post was pulled into your monitoring topic.

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