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How to collect videos in which speaker mentions your monitoring object

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Audio Monitoring helps you collect videos in which people have mentioned your monitoring object. It gives you deeper insights into what people say about your brand or the person you monitor.

To identify the mentions of your monitoring object in videos, we use captions or/and subtitles. To find mentions collected to the topic with Audio Monitoring in the mentions stream, use filters:

  1. Click on the “Filters” button;

  2. Select the “General” section;

  3. Choose “Subtitles”;

  4. Click “Apply”.

You can also collect historical data to find earlier videos mentioning your monitoring object. The historical Audio Monitoring data is available from October 15th, 2022.

☝🏻 Audio Monitoring is available as an add-on, which you can purchase additionally for any pricing plan. To learn more about the features and possibilities of YouScan add-ons or pricing plans, contact your personal manager or write to

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