Why Channels?

Sometimes, monitoring keywords alone is not enough; you need to see all posts from a specific page. For example, this can be a brand's official page or group on social media.

We call these pages "channels." By adding a channel to your topic, you can receive all posts from the channel regardless of other topic settings.

How are posts collected from Channels?

By adding a page channel, you can select the desired time period for your data collection (the default setting is a month).

Then, all online posts and comments from the page will be monitored. The stream update frequency starts at 10 minutes for social media pages and takes up to an hour for other platforms.

☝️ For the system to work smoothly, there should be no more than 200 channels per 1 topic

How to enable Channels

  • Go to "Settings" in the topic where you'd like to include a new channel;

  • Select "Channels" in the right-hand menu;

  • Select "Add channel";

  • Paste a link to your desired channel in the pop-up window (see examples of those links below) and press "Enter";

  • Select your desired data collection time period for the new channel (the default setting is a month);

  • Press the + button to add the channel.

Examples of links and some details for channel sources


Pages are the only type of Facebook pages that can be added as a channel (User Profiles and Groups are unavailable). We'll collect the following data:

  • posts

  • posts where the page was @mentioned (only for owned pages - those authorized by the user with admin access to them)

  • reposts (made by the page, which is added as a channel)

  • comments

  • reviews (only for owned pages; a mention has 5 stars if the page is recommended, 1 star if it is not recommended)

☝️ Important: all data except for owned posts is anonymized (we will not collect any information about users' bio, geo, link, subscribers, photo, etc)

Moreover, we won't count these anonymized authors in the Total Authors number in the Analytics.

📚 Go ahead and check out our full guide on how to authorize a Facebook page in YouScan


☝️Important: all data except for non-owned business profile info, owned posts, and stories is anonymized. For authors of comments, there are nicknames and URLs but no other details.

💡Before including an Instagram channel, you first need to authorize a connected Facebook Page in YouScan.


💡Before adding a LinkedIn page, you need to authorize it in YouScan.


While including a Twitter profile, https://twitter.com/YouScan_io, you get a choice of two streams:

  • All tweets from this user;

  • All @mentions of this user.



Public channels and chats - https://t.me/internationalgeographic

App Store

To monitor app reviews, specify the country you'd like to include. For example:

Google Play

To monitor app reviews, specify the country you'd like to include. For example:


Google Maps

Location -







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