Exporting to Excel 

To download all data from your monitoring topic in an Excel-friendly file, click on the "Create report" button next to the calendar. 

In the dropdown menu, select the export format that works for you

  1. Dashboard - graphs and metrics in your topic without mentions;
  2. Mentions (each export fits up to 1,000,000 mentions);
  3. Mentions with full text (each export fits up to 10,000 mentions). If you need to export more mentions, please export each batch of data separately (for example, instead of exporting data for an entire 30-day month, download 3 separate data sets for each of the 10 days).

Your report will be generated right away. As soon as it's ready for download, you can find it in the "Export" folder in your main menu. 

If you need a specific set of data, apply the necessary filters to your mention stream before exporting. 

By the way, you can export information about all the authors in your mention stream in the "Authors" section. 

Exporting graphs

You can download any graph from the "Analytics" and "Comparison" sections in your format of choice. 

💡To always keep a finger on the pulse of your monitoring topics, you can set up reports to be regularly emailed to you.

Happy monitoring!

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