Why filter by Subject?

The Subject filter allows you to highlight key discussions in your monitoring topic. For example, without subjects, while tracking the mentions of any restaurant, you will see everything — reviews on food, restaurants, and employees. 

But if you apply “food” subject filter, you will get only food-related reviews. Thus, it’s much easier to understand what else to work on and how your customers react to changes.

How does it work?

1. Go to Choose. 

2. In the Subjects tab, select mentions you'd like to work with and click “Apply”.

☝️ You can set up rules for each individual subject. For example, you can choose all mentions of Politics to be removed. 

How I can change it manually?

If you find a bug in the algorithm that assignt to a post the wrong subject, you can change it, as shown below. This will help our algorithm to do better next time!

List of subjects

Politics - everything related to the political landscape: news, events, key players.

Incidents - events that are usually negative.

Health - everything related to healthcare and medicine: diseases and their symptoms, pharmaceutical discussions, diets, lifestyle, exercise, medical side effects of cosmetic procedures, etc.

Tech - the latest in tech, gadgets, apps, software, programming languages, etc. 

Fashion - mentions of clothes, shoes, accessories. Fashion industry news, fashion history, apparel for sale. 

Beauty - makeup, perfume, skincare, cosmetic and spa procedures, beauty salons, hairstyles.

Food - dining, beverages, recipes, dishes. 

Autos - news, announcements, events in the automotive industry.

Cinema - movie trailers, new releases, film reviews, teasers, news in the world of cinema. 

War - combat discussions, the army, historical discussions and wartime archives. 

Tourism - tourist lifehacks, resorts, sightseeing, tickets, accommodations, visas. 

Real Estate - homes for rent, sale, real estate industry news.

Interior - interior design and decor, building materials and samples, renovations, landscaping. 

Children - mentions about kids, toys, children's books, fairy tales, children's diets and baby food, baby skincare, etc. Discussions about child psychology and development, schools. 

Computer games - everything about videogames and esports. 

Economics - news, finances, tariffs, salaries, internal and external economies of scale

Celebrities - mentions of famous people: actors, musicians, reality TV stars, thought leaders.

Religion - discussions about religion and the spiritual world. 

Event - celebrations, holidays, conferences, exhibits, concerts, etc. 

Science - mentions about STEM fields, humanities, social sciences.

Sport - everything related to different sports: basketball, football, tennis, racing, sports cars, motorcycles, cycling, chess, sports betting, martial arts etc.

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