Why do you need tags?

Tags help you sort all mentions in a topic by category or sub-topic. For example, they come in handy if:

  • Your brand owns several products (candy, cookies, lollipops) and you need analytics for each product separately. You can set individual tags like "candy", "cookies", "lollipops", corresponding to whatever product is mentioned in a post;
  • You need to understand your customers' concerns, what they write about and what sentiment dominates conversations about your brand. In this case, you may need individual tags for different subjects. For example, a grocery store chain might be interested in tags such as "cashier service", "queues", "cleanliness", "prices", and "selection".

How do tags work?

1. You can tag posts as you go. If a tag doesn't exist yet, the software will suggest that you add it. 

2. When you tag your posts, YouScan will automatically create a report, which you can then download in the format of your choice. These reports can be found in the "Analytics" section under "Tags".

Reports allow you to analyze and compare:

1. Conversation dynamics of each tag

2. Each category's sentiment

3. Most frequently mentioned tags; what concerns your customers the most 

️✔️Each topic can contain up to 1000 different tags

️✔️One mention can be marked with several different tags

️✔️You can filter your mention stream by individual tags

️✔️You can edit or delete tags in your topic settings

🤖You can set up automatic post tagging with your own parameters using the "Rules" function. For example, you can tag all posts that contain the words "cash register", "cashier", "receipt", and "change" with the "cashier service" tag.

Here's to more pleasant and productive work!

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